Welcome to my webpage! I am a mathematician specialising in analysis - still formally based in Bonn (working in the analysis group at the University of Bonn under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. H. Koch), I will take up a W1-professorship (TT to W3) at the University of Konstanz as of April 1, 2021. Before I moved to Bonn, I completed my PhD at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Dr. J. Kristensen. A short CV is available here.

Broadly speaking, my research is centered around regularity theory in the calculus of variations, real analysis, function spaces and their interactions in applications. Here, a particular focus is on the borderline case of linear growth functionals, where things substantially differ from other frameworks - might it be because of compactness or failure of standard techniques from harmonic analysis.


Feel free to look around! For research papers, please look here, and for more specific course material, please look here.

Summer Term 2021: Lecture & Seminar

In summer 2021, I will offer an MSc lecture on "Functions of bounded variation and their appli-cations" as well as a BSc/MSc seminar on "Convex Analysis". A more detailled description of these courses can be found here (lecture) and here (seminar). Feel free to contact me in case of any questions!

Summer Term 2021: Thesis Supervisions

I am always willing to supervise graduation theses in Analysis & PDE (both BSc, MSc). In case you are interested, you can get some inspiration by previous theses here - feel free to contact me!

Summer Term 2020: Graduate Lecture 'Selected Topics in Analysis & PDE' on Function Spaces and Potential Theory

In summer 2020 I offer a graduate lecture (MSc level) on function spaces and (non-)linear potential theory. A more detailled description of the lecture (including time & venue) is available here.

Summer Term 2020: Function Spaces & Potential Theory informal closing meeting

Either on Jul 16 or Jul 21, we will have an infor-mal closing meeting for my selected topics lec-ture in a beergarden (participants will be invited),

and more information will be available here soon.

Winter Term 2020/21: Thesis Supervisions

Since I am leaving Bonn to March 1, 2021, I will not be able to supervise any new Bachelor's or Master's theses. If you are intrested in writing a thesis in Analysis & PDE, you may contact our group members, first and foremost Prof. H. Koch.

Cabin Seminar Summer Term 2020:

In summer 2020, H. Koch and I will offer a block seminar for our Bachelor and Master students. By the recent outbreak of the corona virus, we were bound to cancel the original appointment in May 2020; we will make good for the seminar at some later point - in the meantime, stay healthy!

Update (Jun 15): It is still not conceivable when the Corona restrictions are softened enough to go for a cabin seminar in summer. In any case, we shall have a hike - more information will be dis-tributed here once available.

Thesis Supervisions Winter Term 2020/21

By recent requests for thesis supervisions, I have already assigned all three slots for winter term 2020/21. To provide my students with a satisfac-tory supervision, I will not be able to supervise any further theses. Please browse our group webpage to find a supervisor - here your first contact is Prof. H. Koch.

Workshop: In September 2019, L. Beck (Augsburg), J. Kristensen (Oxford) and myself organised a workshop on linear growth functionals  - more information is available here. - Many thanks to all the participants for this wonderful event!

For optimal display of this webpage, please change your screen zoom to 100%.

Contact Details: 

Dr F Gmeineder                                                                                   

Mathematisches Institut der Universität Bonn

Endenicher Allee 60                                                                     E-Mail: fgmeined (at) math.uni-bonn.de

53115 Bonn, Germany

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